To receive a “paper copy” of The Voice you must now subscribe. See below for a breakdown of the expense.

Subscription Information:

Send $12 by check or money order to:

Lori Glover
915 Morgan Mine Rd.
Reedsville, WV 26547

We have been trying for several years to figure out how to afford to send the newsletter out the way we used to. The Voice used to be sent FREE to all families every month and we paid for the postage, copying, etc out of the General Fund. With the increase in costs for everything, including postage, we no longer have the financial ability to do this. We have been posting the Voice on the AAIWV website where it can be downloaded for free. Council has considered the costs and has decided that we will continue to publish the Voice on the internet but that we have no choice but to ask for subscriptions from those who want to receive a paper copy by mail.
The question then considered was “How much we should ask for a subscription?”. Well we decided that $12.00 for one year’s subscription should just cover the cost. For an cost analysis per newsletter see below:

Looking at the actual costs we see that:

Postage is 49 cents 49 cents per copy
Photocopying is typically 10 cents per side
we usually produce a 4 page newsletter
40 cents per copy
Envelopes cost 4-5 cents each 4 cents per copy
Computer generated labels cost about 1 cent each 1 cent per copy

This comes out to $0.94 per copy each month not counting any costs to transport the copies here and there, etc. Remember gas prices are outrageous! Considering that we have over 1000 addresses that the Voice could be mailed to—this is over $10,000 a year—Money that we don’t have now and that could be spent on better uses. After considering all of this, Council voted to ask for a Subscription Fee of $12 a year per household—but only for those who request that the Voice be sent to them by US Postal Service.

The Voice will still be available on-line for a free download. We will send paper copies only to those who pay the subscription fee.

Mel Smith
Be sure to put “Email the Voice” in the subject line.

If you have an article or information to give to the Newsletter contact the editor at:
Newsletter Editor
Be sure to put “Newsletter Submission” in the subject line.

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